A blog dedicated to the adorable Jimmy Fallon.

(Run by Tal, Kelli & Jae)

Hello! Once again, we are sorry for the lack of updates! We are quite busy this time of month. But no worries, we are not ignoring your requests. In fact, we have the Anthony Mackie gif that was requested saved in our drafts. I will post it in a few hours along with other gifs!!

Thank you for being with us and stay tuned! Also, we reached 2.500+ followers! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said:
is this blog active? :)

Yes! Sorry for the lack of updates the past couple days. If anyone has any requests, feel free to send them in. And we’re not ignoring any past requests! We’ll try and get to them asap. :D

simplevisions said:
Im glad this blog exists. You complete me.

Thanks, pal!


krlstoffbjorgman said:
can you lovely ladies make some gifs of anthony mackie on last night's show? he was way too hilarious :o)

Check back soon!

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